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The Retail Sector has been hit very hard in the last few years. As a result, SMS recognise that this significant business sector needs to promote an exceptional image to customers. SMS can support this by offering a cleaning service that will meet our clients’ expectations along with keeping your customers coming back by giving you customers a great impression of your business premises.

We offer a complete package of commercial cleaning services to meet your needs and consider all the following and any specific requirements you may have.

Retail Cleaning Contract Immobilisation

When setting up your cleaning schedules, we will take much into consideration, including:

  • Areas
  • Timing
  • Scheduling
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Training for cleaning staff
  • Communication between the client and us

We look at the site and areas to be serviced and what is needed to ensure the standard of cleanliness meets and exceeds our client’s needs. We deliver this timeously and with a great deal of care and consideration.

We schedule the cleaning into areas, ensuring we meet the needs of that area and with minimal disruption to our clients or our client’s customers and day to day operations. We appoint enough cleaners to do the job.

Health and Safety in the Retail Sector

We carry out risk assessments at sites to make sure we meet all Health and Safety requirements. Our cleaning operative is trained and supported according to sector requirements. Each site is issued with its Health, Safety and Disease Control folder.

We keep clients updated and informed at all times.

Consistent Standards of Cleanliness

Our Customer Relations Managers will carry out monthly audits (more frequent if required). To guarantee we are continually working at the highest standards.

Should you have any specific or one-off requirements, we are happy to support these changes as and when required.

Disease Control and Cleaning in Retail Environment

It is vital to create a safe and hygienic retail environment for your customers and staff in the current climate: ensuring employees, contractors, and the public are well-protected. Using effective practices and cleaning routines will lead to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction. Put your customers and staff at ease, making them feel more comfortable in your retail premises.

(Please read our section on Disease Control)

Our priority is to ensure we guard against cross-contamination of cloths, and mop heads staff are fully trained to ensure we are providing a top cleaning service to the retail sector.
Where required, we supply disposable/washable mop heads and provide different coloured cloths for each area.
Our staff complete daily sanitisation sheets to ensure all areas are safe, and these can be made available to our clients.
We always have a Supervisor or Manager to support our teams and clients.

Please contact our office for more information or a no-obligation quotation and site visit.

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