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SMS pride itself on being one of the UK leading employers and we have continued to achieve these high goals in which we set ourselves by making SMS an employee ownership trust where our employees benefit from their hard work.

What Some Of Our Staff Say About Working For Our Cleaning Company

These are just some of the messages we have received from some of our staff in writing.

I’ve been doing my job at Just Eat for the past 5 years where I have been under another companies management, however since SMS took over the job you have implemented a great system of communication, employee portal, smart login where lessen errors and I personally believe that SMS management team have been brilliant, I feel listened and valued. Thanks.
– Francisca

I love working for SMS because the staff are very friendly and always try to help in every situation. Products are always stocked up and if there is a problem with delivery they always try to get it to us as quick as possible. Payment of wages are made without fail on time every month with payslips given in advance, and there are always lots of added bonuses when it comes to Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity to work with SMS.
– Morgan Moody

I believe there is no such called as a perfect company, but I guess I just found it now! In my interview back in November, my interviewer is very nice and assisted me to all the process that I needed. She even asks me if I got any pending holiday which I had that time but haven’t booked any date for it yet. So she told me to just tell her and they will just sort it out right away and that’s very nice of her. Then I got a holiday for a week last January, but suddenly my Mom which is in the Philippines died of Cardiac Arrest in that same week so I need to fly back to England to get a flight to my country. So I phone the company immediately when I arrived and She was very considerate of me being in this situation and given me the time that I needed and that is just very understanding of them. Well you see, I was very hesitant to tell as I have just started not long ago and was scared to be fired as you know, no company will let you come back to work after 3 weeks off. The SMS company is very considerate even I’m just a part-timer. They really look after their staff and care for them. All the concerns that we have are just a call away and even during Saturday the Sms company is open. The documents that we needed can easily access. They give us training and point out our weaknesses politely and also give us some advice on how to solve them. The office gives fantastic service and is very professional. They are very reliable and can lean on if you have a problem on your site or if you were alright. I also really like to work on my site as my manager of the area are very good to me and don’t treat me as lower to them, as I am just a cleaner. In Sms, we are treated as a family and not just employees! This is the company that cares!
– Melissa Zibas

This is a great place to work, the sense of team spirit between the workers is great, everyone pulls together. The management reward good work and there is an opportunity to advance.
Pros: Flexible hours

A company that cares
SMS is a fast-paced and highly motivating place to work they offer growth and additional training to allow you to further your career. They support career growth and care about their employees. If your looking to choose a cleaning company SMS is definitely the place to work; you will feel valued and appreciated.
– Office Manager (Current Employee)

Great place to work
SMS are a great place to work.
Friendly and supportive company to work for offering great opportunity to develop and great job prospects.
Pay well and look after their staff.
Pros: Friendly Company
Cons: None
– Duty Manager (Current Employee)

Excellent company rewards
SMS is a great rewarding company to work for-all staff work hard and are trustworthy. We all enjoy the challenge.
We receive a good days pay for a good day’s work and are always rewarded for going the extra mile.
Staff and clients are important to the SMS team.
I have worked with some of the same people for 18yrs and continue to enjoy meeting the new people that join.
The business has grown from strength to strength and that’s due to the hard work that all SMS team provide.
Pros: Rewarded for hard work
Cons: Cleaning is relentless and perfection is expected at all times but rewarded
– Contracts Manager (Current Employee)

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