SMS is a national cleaning company. We can provide cleaning services anywhere in the country Uk and Ireland, to suit your business requirements. 

Our reputation has been built around our services, covering various enterprises covering a vast range of business. Our customers include national logistical companies, some who specialise in high-class fashion and other exquisite goods. Some are engaged in eCommerce solutions and specialist freight forwarding. Whilst others are specialists in media, our list is endless; please ask for copies of our excellent testimonials from current clientele who make the most of our national service with their multiple buildings across the UK and Ireland.

Nationwide Cleaning Workforce

Our workforces are engaged in working on very specialist IT sites, solicitors, estate agents and other businesses requiring confidentiality and security clearance. As well as national chains and offices throughout the UK.

Our Managers discuss your needs with confidence and experience. They build your proposal around your businesses and future businesses needs.

We have staff trained to work in chemical storage facilities that are thoroughly trained and know how to work safely to achieve outstanding results. Our cleaning operative teams are ready to fulfil our high standard and our client’s expectations nationally with us looking after a vast private sector being trained in all aspects of all industries.

Our clients have buildings set in the beautiful countryside and some of the UK’s largest Cities; these house various unique office space, conference rooms and meeting facilities. Our cleaners are very flexible and meet all the needs these clients require. Others may be city centre-based, and their facilities suit the needs of businesses in the surrounding areas.

National Cleaning Contracts

When consulting with our customers, we take great care and take an interest in their work to understand their priorities and show them how we can enhance their business with our cleaning services. We make sure we design a package of cleaning that exactly suits their needs, business priorities and expectations, moulding our service to match them individually. 

We also have experience working with the hospitality sector; this highlights other priorities for us and our clients. There is much national and local legislation mainly geared to this industry and must be adhered to by anyone working in such premises at all times. You need not worry. Our staff are trained to understand this and how vital this legislation and your business is.

Perhaps your business has a head office and local office throughout the UK. We have the experience and national management team and workforce to implement a commercial cleaning contract to take care of your office cleaning needs. We offer a full range of specialist cleaning services and support services to cover all the needs of a modern day commercial premises. Whether your organisation works in the hospitality sector or your business is involved in construction, or transport we have experience in working with all industries and sectors. SMS commercial cleaning services will ensures that we meet all oye clients needs and requirements. 

Cleaning Management and Workforce

We are up to date with training and government guidance to ensure that all our customers, wherever they are and whatever business they are engaged in, receive the best possible cleaning services from our top class, hard-working, well-trained staff. 

Indeed it is worth your while to investigate what SMS can offer your business. With our vast range of expertise and incredibly hard-working staff, we can provide you with a unique cleaning solution no matter what your business or where you are located.

We are glad to have an outstanding workforce who are proud to work across the UK and Ireland achieving high standards and supporting the private sector to achieve a prestigious result for our clients and our customer’s clients.  

Our recent staff questionnaire asked, are you happy? They all replied yes. Have you had enough training? Yes, was the reply, and we are currently in the annual rounds of updating this. Do we communicate well with you? Yes. We ensure we give our teams the tools to support our client’s expectation throughout all three sites nationwide to ensure continuity and constancy.

Client Satisfaction

We are a reactive cleaning company and make sure we have our priorities right and listen to our customers. Our staff has enabled our employee-owned trust businesses to deliver our services to a high standard on multiple sites nationwide, given our customers one-stop performances, so they know who is acting on all their points on every site.  

 You can feel confident in talking to SMS about your cleaning needs and any other services we have to offer and you need nationally. We have a proven track record with wide-ranging experience across the UK and Ireland.

We are happy to talk to you and embrace your needs. However diverse these may appear to be, we do not limit our expectations. We ensure we deliver yours. Contact SMS with confidence. To arrange a free no-obligation assessment.