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SMS recognises that meeting strict health and safety regulations and cleanliness standards can be challenging in the demanding industrial and manufacturing sectors. In the current climate, it is 

Imperative, we create a safe, hygienic working environment for the peace of mind of everyone using the site and our promise that everyone is protected. We use effective disinfection and cleaning routines; our clients assure us this leads to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction amongst employees.

SMS the cleaning experts for your premises

SMS are well versed in the expertise you need to meet high hygiene standards necessary legislation
Whatever your industry, manufacturing buildings must follow strict regulations, especially around hygiene. SMS are the people to help you maintain excellent hygiene standards in your premises thanks to our expert knowledge of the rules and efficient cleaning methods.

Cleanliness and sanitisation routines have a significant impact on contributing to a safe and secure workplace for your staff, which leads to better productivity and performance.

We know that meeting high cleanliness standards is a timely process that can impact your productivity and profitability of your business. We supply dedicated cleaning teams to meet these needs in the manufacturing sector.
The manufacturing sectors require a cleaning company to support as many results are driven by productivity, outsourcing your cleaning to the experts, like SMS, who have already achieved high standards in this sector due to meeting stringent health and safety standards at the highest level.

SMS will discuss your needs and requirements and understand what is needed to ensure your building is cleaned to the highest possible standards and meets all regulations. Whatever the purpose and size of your site, SMS will provide cost-effective cleaning terms to deliver the service that your business requires.

Our tailored cleaning services are designed specifically to suit your business and requirements, supporting your processes and adding value to your staff, customers, shareholders and stakeholders.

SMS uses the best cleaning operatives, tools, equipment and products for the job.
We ensure we use the latest, most effective products to help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria in the process. We pay particular attention to the germ populated areas and the commonly touched surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

Our priority is to ensure we guard against cross-contamination of cloths, and mop heads staff are fully trained to ensure we are providing a cleaning service to the healthcare and medical sector. Where required, we supply disposable mop heads and provide different coloured cloths for each area.

We offer specialist fogging services when an occasion arises that this becomes necessary.

Our staff complete daily sanitisation sheets to ensure all areas are safe, and these can be made available to our clients.

Our Customer Relations Manager carries out monthly audits of the site, and this can be offered as a more frequent service should the client require. We always have a Supervisor or Manager to support our clients.

It is vital to create a safe and hygienic working environment in the current climate: ensuring employees, contractors, and the public are well-protected. Using effective practices and cleaning routines will lead to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.

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