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High Level Cleaning Services

We have specialized in working at heights and high-level cleaning for over 18 years. Our teams are fully trained in a variety of access and cleaning methods. We offer cladding cleaning services, high-level dust-downs, window cleaning, bird-control, and difficult access solutions. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in difficult access and working at heights.

Our teams are trained in many different access methods including pole systems (up to 100ft), hydraulic access equipment, cradles, and rope access (abseiling). We will find the safest and most cost-effective method or combination of methods to get the job done safely and efficiently.

High-Level Cleaning and Maintenance Specialists

SMS Cleaning has been specialists in working at heights and high-level cleaning for in excess of 20 years. Areas high above floor level are notoriously difficult to clean and require qualified technicians like ours to complete such tasks. Not least from a practical standpoint, but also in legal terms. Unqualified individuals carrying out operations at height are in breach of health and safety law and, more to the point, are putting their own lives at risk

High-level Cleaning Technicians

We have technicians who are fully trained to work at height. This reduces the risk to unqualified individuals who could come to harm if they attempt to complete the work. SMS Cleaning’s employees all hold official accreditations from official governing bodies, as well as being permitted to work at height and operate hydraulic platforms.

High-Level Cleaning Methods

On arrival at your commercial property, our technicians will assess the windows to agree with the customer the most appropriate form of accessing the windows, cladding or fascia. We can clean at height using a variety of methods.

These include:

  • Water fed pole systems which allow access to clean from the ground. These require no additional access equipment providing that the range is within the 100ft allowed by the cleaning poles.
  • Hanging access platforms which, as the name suggests, allow our technicians to access the side of the building via a cradle which is anchored to the roof of the property.
  • Hydraulic platforms can also be used, either cherry picker platforms or scissor lifts, and these provide a stable, maneuverable platform from which the operative can work. These have the advantage of the technician being able to carry out the cleaning and move the platform to the next position without having to climb down or adjust the platform from the roof.

Working at Height Accreditation

All of our operatives have accreditation for working at height, affording you peace of mind that you have a fully trained professional carrying out your high-level cleaning tasks. Nobody wants another person’s life to be at risk during their work, so it is important that our technicians are able to prove competence in working at height.

Working at Height Services

SMS Cleaning is able to offer a number of services under the ‘working at height’ umbrella. These include:

  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Cladding and Fascia Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Hose Cleaning
  • Pest Control Services

We have a wealth of knowledge, accrued over 20 years in the industry, that allows us to complete work at height quickly, efficiently and, most of all, safely. We will work with our clients to give them the safest and most cost-effective method of high-level cleaning.

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