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Grounds Maintenance and Office Plants

Support Maintenance Services Ltd (SMS) are always happy to discuss and take care of your grounds maintenance and internal plant supplies and maintenance needs.

Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance

Having beautiful and well-kept grounds and outdoor spaces is a great way to give a great first impression.

We understand this and offer a range of one-off services and grounds maintenance services to keep your grounds and outside space looking great throughout the year.

For grounds and outdoor space, this could include

  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Weekly Maintenance

A clearance Services for neglected gardens and outdoor spaces, transforming them into something more pleasurable and useful

If you tell us what you need, we will look at the solution for you and support putting together a schedule that works for the requirement of your building, and we can look at multiple sites for you and work on the site structuring for site-specific needs.

Indoor Plants Hire and Maintenance

It is an essential visual reflection on a business when you first enter a company environment. Your business may benefit from some indoor plants or floral arrangements, which we are happy to supply along with a maintenance service. We can support you with tips and ideas on what arrangements you may like on your site.

Any indoor or outdoor space will need to reflect the business and what you have to offer. Our expert teams can help give you the best possible solutions that are affordable for your office space.

We would love the opportunity to support you with your indoor or outdoor garden arrangements. We would welcome our trained experts to meet with you or discuss what we can offer.

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