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Floors are the first thing visitors notice when they walk into any commercial property. Floors are also the first thing to display the effects of grime and dirt. With high levels of footfall on the floors in your commercial floors and carpets throughout the property, it is important to put in place a good floor cleaning routine and cleaning and maintenance plan to protect your floors and keep them look great.

SMS cleaning offers a range of hi-tech floor cleaning solutions which can have your floors looking as good as new, whether they are coated in tiles, vinyl, or Karndean. Our twenty years in the cleaning industry has armed us perfectly with the knowledge to understand exactly what kind of soiling requires what kind of cleaning method and when is best to employ said methods.

The floors in your commercial property can tell visitors, be they customers or clients, a lot about how you run your business. If your floors are clean and well presented, it shows that you care about how you are perceived, which will instill confidence in anyone attending your property. You don’t want to lose out on a profitable deal just because your floors are heavily soiled.

Restoration Floor cleaning

when restoration floor cleaning is necessary we will employ a number of methods to deep clean and remove ground in dirt and stains while rinsing the floor clean. Once dry we can apply none slip protective coatings to bring the floor back to life and protect the floor from damage.

Floor Cleaning Methods

SMS Cleaning employs a number of different floor cleaning methods in order to achieve outstanding results. Here are some of the methods we can utilise to breathe a new lease of life into your hard floor.

  • Steam cleaning services, which allows us to deep clean and lift the most suborn grime from the floor using high-pressure water and steam at boiling hot temperatures.
  • Extraction cleaning, which obviously uses high-powered vacuums in order to lift dust and debris from large expanses of floor.
  • Rotary cleaning, which uses a traditional rotating cleaner which carries out a high-speed, high-powered clean in a circular motion, lifting stains and dirt from the floor.
  • Deep restoration cleans we may use a combination of all the above.

Tile Cleaning

SMS Cleaning also offers a tile cleaning service, which can restore the luster to your floor or wall tiles, while at the same time whitening grout and removing mold and mildew stains from in-between the tiles.

Swimming pool floor cleaning

We have cleaned and restored many swimming pool floors removing years of built-up scale and grim bring the floors back to their original state. We do this by applying specialist products, scrubbing the product into the floors then steam extracting and rinsing away the broken-down scale and grim.

Swimming pool floor cleaning

All of our technicians are trained in the use of floor cleaning equipment and the handling of cleaning substances. Remember, some cleaning substances can be corrosive to skin, and can damage the airways and lungs if fumes are inhaled.

We carry out rigorous checks on all substances to ensure they are safe for use, and if the fall under C.O.S.H.H. regulations then our operatives are trained in the use and disposal of the cleaning materials and fluids.

If you require a floor or tile cleaning service at your commercial property then please get in touch with us via our contact page to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly, qualified technicians.


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