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Covid-19 decontamination Services

SMS provide a comprehensive Coronavirus (Cod-19) decontamination service giving a high level of protection. The BBC has featured this in the Eastern Region. We have a dedicated well trained, professional specialist team with over 20 years of deep cleaning and decontamination; they have worked nationwide throughout the pandemic supporting care homes, medical and logistic sectors.

Our teams have been trained to the highest standard wearing fully protective PPE and ensuring on-site safety at all times for businesses to be able to remain open due to the fantastic work these teams provide.

Covid-19 Decontamination

Our Covid-19 service comes with a certificate to show the site has been 100% decontaminated and sanitised. We will explain how our mobilisation plan works for your location, including the time taken to complete the works. This is dependant on the type and size of the area.

By using SMS Decontamination Service, we can guarantee the following.

  • A rapid response to your request along with any risk assessments
  • Our team will complete the work as quickly as possible to ensure you lose as little productive time as possible
  • A certificate to give you peace of mind about protection
The process we use will ensure you have the best possible protection from Covid-19 in the area which has been decontaminated

As Seen on BBC News

Our trained team will perform a deep clean and fogging service second to none and featured on the BBC news throughout the pandemic.

You will be able to rest assured you have done all your can to make the area safe. Using the best technology and highly trained specialist teams, we will deliver unrivalled treatments and offer testimonials from satisfied customers who recommend our services.

Our disease control service is the best, reliable and most efficient you can receive, and our fogging system also supports all covid virus, including norovirus and all airborne bacterial virus.

For more information or to discuss our disease control services, please contact our office.

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