Commercial Window  Cleaning Services

SMS commercial window cleaning services has been offering professional commercial cleaning services for more than 18 years. Over that time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of commercial window cleaning. We have always placed a high emphasis on health and safety training with all our staff. All staff hold an NVQ in window cleaning and working at heights, and are trained in onsite safety, risk and method assessments. We use many different types of commercial window cleaning and access methods.

Professional Window cleaning Company

Support maintenance services have specialised in working at heights and high-level cleaning and maintenance services. We have been one of the UK’s leading commercial window cleaning and working at heights companies. We have worked on some of the UK most iconic buildings.  We find the most cost-effective and safest method to clean and maintain your building to the highest standards. We can recommend a cleaning schedule that works with your budget.

Dedicated Commercial Window Cleaning Teams

We have a dedicated window cleaning team specialising in all commercial and industrial window cleaning, cladding cleaning, building cleaning, and high-level cleaning building. Our teams are fully trained in working at heights and different access methods. All our window cleaning teams work to our strict health and safety policy at all times. 

All our commercial window cleaning staff go through strict health and safety and work a hights training before going out with any of our teams before working alongside our experienced and long-serving staff.

Commercial and Industrial Window Cleaning and Access Methods

Our commercial window cleaning teams are trained and experienced in all areas of commercial window cleaning methods and high-level access methods. We have staff that are experienced in hydraulic access equipment, Rope access, cradles and water fed pole systems.

Water fed Pole Systems

SMS was one of the first window cleaning services providers in the United Kingdom to start using water fed pole system. Water fed pole system is a safe and cost-effective way to clean high-level windows and cladding, and other surfaces from the safety of the ground. It also reduces disruption to the working environment of the clients building. There is a method to using water-fed pole systems and can leave windows spotlessly clean at a fraction of the cost if carried out correctly. We have poles that can clean up to 100ft from the ground, reducing access equipment costs.


Hydraulic Access Equipment

Our team use and work with an extensive range of hydraulic access equipment, including spiders and some of the largest MEWPs in the country. We will generally use hydraulic access equipment when water fed pole systems are unable to reach or access the area we are cleaning or servicing, and we have good access to the area to be able to manoeuvre the MEWP to the working area. Our team are fully trained in managing and keeping the active area safe at all times. All our staff work to our method statements and risk assessments.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

SMS has specialised in rope access window cleaning and abseiling window cleaning. Our rope access teams have worked on some of the United Kingdom largest and most iconic building. We have found safe and efficient ways to clean facilities that other cleaning companies could not. Rope access is a great and safe method of accessing otherwise inaccessible areas. When access with a MEWP is not possible or too sensitive. All our rope access technicians are IRATA qualified, and an IRATA level 3 qualified technician carries out all work to run the job.

Rope Access Window Cleaner
Window Cleaning Cradle Access

Building Craddle Window Cleaning

Our teams are trained in an operating and extensive range of commercial building cradles. If a building is equipped with a working and services cradle system, it may be the best option to access and clean and maintain the facility. We hold contracts with many commercial building and cradle systems in place, and this can be a cost-effective way of cleaning the windows if the cradle is being used and serviced for other duties on the building. If it is not used for any other duties, it may be very costly to service the cradle system for just the window cleaning, and there may be a more cost-effective method of cleaning the windows. We would be happy to advise and other alternatives.


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