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Cladding Cleaning Services

SMS cleaning has over 20 years experience in building, roof, and cladding cleaning. Over the years we have built up a wealth of knowledge in the cleaning of all types of building and cladding types for our commercial and industrial clients. We use many different cleaning and access methods and equipment including hydraulic access, rope access, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and water-fed poles, we are able to find the safest and most cost-effective method or combination of methods to clean and access any situation safely with the least disruption to our clients.

Building and Cladding Cleaning Methods.

We use many different methods and the combination of cleaning methods that include pressure washing, mild detergent with cleaning agents, softwash, and Heated purified water, water fed pole systems, and steam cleaners. We are confident that our knowledge, experience, and expertise in this field, will allow us to find the safest most cost-effective building or cladding cleaning solution.

At SMS Cleaning it is our intention to carry all out work with the minimum disruption to our client’s own operation and working environment. In sensitive areas work will generally be carried out, out of working hours to minimise disruption and reduce the risk to staff and the public. All work will have a full risk and method assessment and risk and method statement will be given and explained to our clients and staff. Work then will be scheduled around our client’s requirements.

External Building Cleaning

Not building are covered by cladding. We also specialise in stone, brick and render cleaning. We will find the best method of cleaning to get the best result while protecting the buildings covering. Once we determine the type of stone brick or render we will then introduce the correct cleaning method for that type of covering. It is important to determine the type of covering as many types of stone, brick and render can be delicate. Once we have determined the covering type we can the find the right cleaning method to get the best result without damaging the surface.


Roof Cleaning Services

We also specialise in commercial roof cleaning. Whether it’s a small commercial tiled roof or 100’s of square meters of industrial clad roof. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in different methods and equipment.

Xscape Cladding and Roof cleaning

We were asked to Survey and quote for the cleaning the clade roof and that covers the entire building of the Xscape Centre in Milton Keynes. The Xscape Centre has the largest footprint of a single building in the whole of Europe.

We assessed many different access and cleaning options. But the building and roof was covered in algae, which made it unsafe and impossible to walk on which ruled out rope access method.

Once we had completed our risk and method assessment we realised we could only safely clean about 10% of the roof from access equipment.

It was also made tricky as the work would need to be taken place while the Xscape centre was open due to the long opening hours.

So we designed and had manufactured our own cleaning system that could be lowered down the building from the safety of the center of the roof where there was a man safe system we could work from.

After weeks of testing and complete re-designs and adjustments. We ended up with a cleaning system that improved the cleaning reduced the time and cost and massively improved safety and disruption

The job was completed with minimum risk to our staff and the public as well as minimum disruption to the public and the clients day to day operation. The building was cleaned to a very high standard. And to a higher standard then done before by other companies using different methods.

During Building and Roof Clean

Health and Safety

Our Building and cladding cleaning teams have a wealth of knowledge in external building and cladding cleaning and the specialist access methods needed. All our staff are fully trained and licensed in the safe use of equipment and access methods that might be required. We adhere at all times to the Health and Safety guidelines and requirements.

All work undergoes a risk and methods assessment and client and staff are given and talked through the risk and method statement.

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