How We Build and Keep Our Commercial Cleaning Workforce proactive

We have 144 cleaning staff working nationwide across all sectors. More than a third of these have been with the Company for more than eight years and longer some have been with SMS for 15years and since it was first established in 1997.

We are an Employee Owned Trust; this means the longer you stay working with SMS, the more points you earn in the Company trust at an actual win-win situation. All the response to this move has been very positive and created a lot of excitement.

Recently we have had four cleaners come back to work with us who had previously left – enough said – they will not be going again in a hurry. We all look after one another. We are taking ownership of our sites with great pride in a job well done.

The last 14 months have been incredibly trying and hard for any business. Here at SMS and all our staff, we adapted quickly to incorporate all the new challenges this involved, paying particular attention to putting in even more stringent sanitising arrangements. We all worked together, taking ideas on board that the staff suggested ensuring we had an enhanced service for our clients.

We are a nationwide cleaning company; however, all our employees as one big team. We are proud to be an all-inclusive employer with a mindful approach. 

Our staff have a uniform which they are proud to wear and display who they work for. Sometimes quite a challenge with such a widespread workforce to keep on top of, but we know it is vital to do so.

Our staff are rewarded for going the extra mile, and we are firm believers in using thank you and thank you cards.

Everyone has their birthday recognised with a birthday message. These are well received and appreciated.

We keep in contact at least three times a week, usually with a “happy” message this is well received.

We have only just sent out our staff questionnaire, but these are the answers to some of our questions from all received back.

  • Can you communicate freely with SMS? All said Yes
  • Do you feel part of a team? All said Yes
  • Are you happy?     .All said Yes

We are very proud of this feedback but rest assured, had anyone answered. No, we would have thoroughly investigated why and resolved the issue immediately. That is how we operate.

Our staff are always free to communicate with us. Their preferred means of communication seems to be what’s app and email. We make a point of responding to all staff requests as soon as they are received.

We stay up to date with legislation relating to employees and their welfare. As a Company, we know our success is down to our workforce.

By Barbara Reeves

(HR Director)